September 30, 2017

Creating a Better Self Image

I received this absolutely beautiful testimonial from a recent client in my Grand Prairie studio…

I have spent the almost the entirety of my life either obsessing over myself in front of a mirror or avoiding looking at myself in the mirror as much as possible. I am currently in the avoidance phase. Every comment about my body or my looks that has ever been uttered to me remained burned into my memory and they shout at me all the time. Brad gently threw me in front of a camera and slowly those comments started to quiet, but it wasn’t until I saw my pictures that those comments stopped running through my head all together. It was me. I had a shape. And a nice one at that. So now I’ve decided to look in the mirror and see my body through the camera lens instead of through my distorted eyes and say “Fuck yeah, this is me.”

Our self image is shaped by everyone around us and the words they say. Even if you don’t agree with them, words can hurt and the damage they do can last a lifetime. This is why a boudoir or nude session can be so transformative. It can change the voices in your head. To quote P!nk, make them like you instead.

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